Local Guide

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Shoshone Falls

10 Minutes Away

One of the greatest waterfalls in the world.

Centennial Park

10 Minutes Away

Take the kayaks out for a day on the water. Paddle under the bridge to watch the jumpers.

South Hills

35 Minutes Away

Camp, hike, Ski, SnowShoe, Mountain Bike, Target Practice.

Perrine Bridge

5 Minutes Away

Come see this beautiful Twin Falls landmark. You may even see a BASE jumper or two.


10 Minutes Away

Enjoy great shopping, restaurants, and local cafes.

Auger Falls

15 Minutes Away

Hiking and biking trails that lead to gorgeous views and one of Twin Falls most loved water falls.


2 Hour Drive

Our capital city. Clean andbeautiful, with tons of trails, skiing, shopping and events.

Salt Lake City

3 Hour Drive

If you can’t find it there, it may not exist..

Sun Valley

1 Hour Away.

Rub skis with the rich and famous. Year round activities and luxury.